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Kytelers Inn work closely with local suppliers to provide fresh and seasonal food for our bar and restaurant

All our beef is of Irish origin & traceable from farm to fork We have options for those with dietary needs or allergens (gluten free, coeliac, vegetarian etc).

Kyteler’s Whiskey & Wines Menus

The word whiskey is an anglicisation of the Classical Gaelic word uisce meaning “water”. Distilled alcohol was known in Latin as aqua vitae. This was translated into Old Irish as uisce beatha.
Appropriately it means “Water of Life”.

Kilkenny holds the earliest known record of the distillation process. Written about by Bishop Ledrede circa 1324 in the Red Book of Ossory. We can truly call ourselves the Home of Irish Whiskey.

A personally curated collection of over 90 Irish whiskeys by JD Flynn, showcasing the best of what Ireland has to offer.


…but don’t ask for Bourbon or Scotch as you will be sorely dissapointed. Kytelers Inn bar only stocks the best of IRISH whiskey. When you’re visiting Ireland its best to try what the locals enjoy.