Live Traditional Irish Music Sessions

During the High Season Kytelers Inn has Traditional Irish Music nightly. At present music starts at 9.00pm on Friday, 10pm Saturday and Sunday at both 6pm and 9pm. Each night is a little different reflecting the many facets of Irish Music.

Weekly Live Music Listings


The Acousticats 9.00pm


Roisin Dubh 10.00pm


Generation 5 6.00pm
Tomas Jackman 9.00pm

Live Music @ Kyteler’s Inn

Our resident musicians and bands vary  and are very passionate about their music. Instruments you will hear in Kyteler’s may range from the fiddle, bodhran, mandolin, guitar, banjo, tin whistles to the uilleann pipes and drums. We welcome you to enjoy our very talented Irish musicians who are dedicated to making your visit to Kyteler’s Inn a memorable one.